The Crucible: Sorry, Mr. Trump, That’s Not How Witch Hunts Work [Podcast]

My latest podcast with The NetFlakes Podcast is about a movie that I’m writing on for my PhD dissertation.


The Movie: The Crucible (1996)

With co-host Caroline Diezyn (Twitter & Letterboxd)

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Day Jobs and/vs. Passion Jobs

I received another question from the student who I’m corresponding with regarding editing and writing jobs:

Is it true that like a writer, editors should not quit their day jobs for a very long time (low, inconsistent pay)?

Here’s my answer:

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Creativity and the Academic Essay

Last week, I attended an English department meeting on behalf of the Graduate English Society about incorporating “teaching creativity” into courses. You can see the live tweets from the department account here.

Near the end of the meeting, a professor I had in my fourth year of undergrad warned of the danger of turning “creativity” into a buzzword, and reminded us that research papers are creative endeavours, too.

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So you’re interested in editing

I received an email from an undergraduate student who wanted to pick my brain about how to get into editing and publishing as a career. Though my current career is “grad student,” I’ve worked extensively as an editor since 2006. I thought my response could be useful to others, too. I’ve changed some details for the sake of privacy, but I think the info here could be widely applicable.

Moreover, whenever I spend a while writing something, I feel like it’s worthwhile to put it on my blog, too. Maybe that’s another piece of advice I want to share. Or maybe it’s weird.

Finally, this doubles as a mini-bio when it comes to publications/editing experience, which I think is kind of cool in and of itself.

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