It All Lines Up in The Master

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P.T. Anderson’s The Master is a movie about two parallel lives that, whether by fate or coincidence, intersect. The composition, mise-en-scène, and blocking in the movie has stuck with me since I watched it. I was most struck by the motif of parallel lines that emphasize the absurdity of Freddie’s path crossing the Master’s, and the strange consequences that come as a result. Below are some of my favourite images that either directly or indirectly evoke parallel lines.


This over-the-shoulder shot positions each man in parallel lines (and is even shot through the parallel bars of the adjoining cell) despite their heated exchange.


Freddie’s violent fit, throwing him at all sorts of angles, is made all the more jarring in juxtaposition to the Master’s relaxed stance in line with the vertical bars. But Freddie’s arms are tied behind him, making his body one line, while the Master can prop himself…

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Her: Love Lessons for a Siri-al Monogamist

Listen to me talk about non-monogamy and gendered AI and dystopias where art and emotion are commodified:


Dylan and Caroline are back on the mics to talk about 2013’s Her. It seemed like the right thing to do, since the last one we tackled was fellow 2010’s Artificial Intelligence movie Ex Machina.

Some of the things we talk about in this podcast are:

  • Netflix original series Flaked
    • You can find Dylan’s piece on the series’ garbage protagonist here
  • The differences between the Artificial Intelligences in Her and Ex Machina
  • Polyamory
  • Theo’s journey to discover that women are people too!
  • The formation of Samantha’s identity, starting with the decision to give her a female voice

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Her is also available on Amazon.

End credit music:

Chenosky / “Peacemeal Bacon & Potatoes” / taken from Odiamo / 2016 / used with permission from A Person Disguised As People

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Black and grey and silver

The past couple months have been busy with school, so I haven’t had a lot of time to draw outside of the monthly Drink & Draw meet-ups I host. And every time I do, I’ve leaned toward black, grey, and silver. I’ve never drawn on black paper before now, and I really like it — though it’s far less forgiving when it comes to erasing.

I’ve been working on my very first Twine interactive story which will include some of my drawings, as well. The game is about medieval/early modern torture and the catechism on the surface, and something else underlying… but I’m going to try to keep a lid on it for now. Naturally, my Patreon patrons get the first look at everything I make, but you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see my drawings as I do them.

What Else Is On?: Three Netflix Series I Abandoned

In which I call a small child an asshole.


Remember in grade 10 English when you had to learn about how to write a “hook”? A flashy bit in the introduction that would hook the reader and make them want to read on? Well, that lesson must have really stuck with me, because if a show doesn’t do it for me almost immediately, I just move on to one of umpteen other readily-available pieces of media I can consume in our Internet age. Here are three Netflix original series I started with the best of intentions, and just couldn’t get into. I’m open to attempts to convince me to try again in the comments.


This series was so well-reviewed! And even by people who don’t care at all about superhero franchises. A friend of mine said he stayed up and mainlined the whole thing in one sitting, even. I started it up with the purest of intentions and…

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